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A ludic aesthetic is integrated into a post-modern ethos that underlies the Weltanschauung celebrated by Roman artist-designer Corrado Delfini. Delfini trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and the Free School of the Nude, the latter boasting the study of the Castelli Palace in Rome. A location of choice previously used by Alberto Burri in the realization of his first “burning” and Domenico Rambelli for some of his sculpltures.

Incisive and experimental, the works of Corrado Delfini span different Muses, traversing more than twenty years of creational activity throughout Italy. Assorted ranges of his works are exhibited in museums, personal and prestigious university collections, as well as being used within set designs for various Italian theatre performances.

The protean galaxy of this master’s works containing a strong aesthetic coefficient, are also present in public and private collections of numerous foundations and galleries: the Gino Marotta Gallery, University of Molise (Campobasso); the Paola Decini Foundation (Rome), Maam (Rome); the Italian Institute of Sex Therapy Association (Salerno); the Archein Foundation (Palermo), the Mogliotti Bottero Foundation (Asti); the Petrecca Collection – Palace de Lellis Petrecca (Isernia).

The artist is co-founder of the “La Farandola” movement, a sort of cenacle in which art and ideas are circulated, most borrowed from well-known Italian artists with whom he came into contact, including: Bruno Canova, Lino Tardia, Ennio Calabria, Franco Ferrari and Nino De Luca, Dario Scatola and Reinhard Pfingst.

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